John Spear, General Manager of Hotel Drisco, says:

Tom’s ‘Best Ever’ granola is so popular with our guests at breakfast that we can never keep enough of it on our buffet — every time I turn around we have to refill the bowl!

On Chowhound, Sundeck Sue reports:Just tried Tom's Best-Ever Granola, available @ Monterey Market in Berkeley and the Kensington Farmers’ Market (Sundays). Hand-made by a real Tom, who lives in Berkeley. And it is really a "best-ever."

Carmelized just to the edge of dark, generously rich in organic grains and nuts and dried fruit, and--best of all, from my point of view--not too sweet. Compost-able packaging has whimsical artwork and a sparkle-y ribbon.

I bought some yesterday @ Monterey Mkt, thinking I'd sprinkle some on my morning oatmeal over the course of the week as a not-too indulgent treat. But my husband (who claims he is not a granola lover) and I started watching a movie last night, and I pulled the bag out, and we (esp. he, raving about its deliciousness) polished it off. I headed to the Kensington Farmers' Market (a great little market) today for more!”

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